The safety and road marking market is growing both at the national level and at the European level. The new standards concerning the the obligation to be conform to SRP (space receiving public) regulations tend to expand this market. Thus, our strenghts to develop this kind of products makes us a strong partner.


To answer these increasing needs, VISO develop its position on these markets and specialy on:

- The steel protections for warehouse and industrial areas.

- The safety barriers for construction site, for protection or marking.

- Retractable belt stanchions for public areas.

- The best seller of sagety market: cones, plastic posts, lamps...

- Safety mirrors for private or public road.


 To distribute our products we have specialized retailers, industral DIY stores, online stores or mail selling orders. We are pleased to develop our sales network. Do ot hesitate to contact us if you want to become our new partner !